Stop 05

Stop 05

FAT TIRE #7” by Lance Carleton

Made of Steel

On his website, Lake Stevens, Washington artist Lance Carleton describes himself as an “intuitive artist creating contemporary art in an eclectic style”.

 Mr. Carleton’s body of work is diverse and imaginative, and much is very down-to-earth, even functional, but he expresses his vision of art and his life as an artist in terms that are beyond poetic, perhaps rhapsodic:

 “Opening my innermost mind to the visions not yet seen is ecstasy beyond words... to observe my hands molding metal into form and shape as if it were a massage... to watch it being textured and ground as if it were the Fourth of July... to cast paint and finish on the art is as if it were a dance. Oh what a glorious place I am in.”

Mr. Carleton takes great pleasure in observing viewers of his sculptures as they move back and forth and around his pieces. “Fat Tire #7”, which is cleverly designed to appear as if the wheels are in motion, is definitely not a “Do Not Touch” piece. It was designed to allow viewers to climb aboard, an activity that delights the artist.

"FAT TIRE" by Lance Carlton